I am proud to work with so many amazing companies! Columbia Sportswear is a company that is all about getting out and trying stuff! This is what my mission in life is, to get others to get out and experience something new and something fun! After all that what life is all about! Below is the start of a series of “How to Videos” that will air this summer helping new athletes with everything from how to change a flat tire on a mountain bike to hiking safety! Enjoy!

5 Questions with Dave Norona

How to Change a Flat Tire!

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If you travel in the back-country, you need this!!


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I love Trials!!

by admin

Check out the 2013 Squamish Trials Event!!


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This place is awesome!!!


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The morning begins...skinnin up for the Cypress Trees!

What and amazing winter! Ever since December rolled around the snow has been falling in BC and it has not let up since!! The G3 ski line-up this season has been its best ever and I have spent time on the Empire, District, Infidel and my personal favorites The Cakes! Yes they are a women’s ski but I don’t care! For my 5’5 140 pound frame the Cakes do everything well. I spend 6 days a week in the backcountry, riding sleds, sled skiing and touring off our machines so it is important to have a ski that can do it all in every condition!

John Syslak getting some POW!

For me skiing in the mountains is all about the adventure! Some can’t believe how and athlete can like xc skiing, ski touring, sled skiing and sleds, but haters will always hate! Adventure is something I get to experience every day and I wouldn’t change that for the world! It is also about spending time with friends and family and I am lucky to have so many keeners to share these awesome trips and moments with!

When I was racing I use to xc ski twice a day, and it was my favorite thing to do during the winter, Now though ski touring is my xc skiing and I love it more since there is often no one else around or if I am on a solo mission which I do regularly, then there is truly no one else around! Skinning or climbing up is the time to look around and enjoy the views or chat with friends on past or future adventures, sometimes it is great even to not speak and just be!

Feeling like a Mountain Goat since I am following Mtn Goat Steps!

The best part of being in the mountains is the down, whether it is a sketchy section, or an endless powder bowl, that is where I aim to spend the majority of my time! It is what I love about sleds, one day you can cram in 25-30,000 vertical and the next you can park the sled and wonder off to some peak, have lunch and then ride the magic white carpet down to your sled, one run in a day can be just as good!

I love Pow!!!

I have recently spent some time on the 2014 G3 Empress. This is the womens version of the Empire and is 115 under foot with a full reverse camber rocker, it is so smooth and fun. I have spent some time in the backcountry and also on Whistler and it skis well everywhere…check these out for next year!

Kim Duess shredding some Pow with her G3 Cakes!!!

Norona having his Cake and Eating it too!!! Secret Lines - Scotch Creek, BC

Well I hope you have been having a great season and getting out as much as possible, whether it be on the local hill, or the backside in the backcountry. Remember life is not to be wasted so follow your heart and enjoy the ride! dave

It's all about spending time with the people you love...in the mountains!!!

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Thanks to the awesome crew at GVP the Freeride was assembled quick!!!

I am one lucky boy, I know that, but when I got the call from Anne-Sophie at Ski-Doo saying the 2014 Ski-Doo Freeride would be dropped off to me to test, I was SUPERPUMPED! I have been working with the fine people at Ski-Doo for four years and every step of the way has been pure pleasure induced fun! From learning new stuff to working with engineers, testers, other back-country experts, and the marketing team, every day has been absolutely awesome! I would also like to thank my local dealer Greater Vancouver PowerSports as they have backed me for 6 years! Also the other rad dealers in my area, Steve from No Limits Motorsports, and Al Bush from Valley Chainsaw in Pemberton, all of them have been very helpful towards me! I thank all of them for that!

And Loaded onto my trailer right away....oh yeah did I mention that we had just got 150 cm's in 4 days!!!

After the 2014 Sleds were released Greater Vancouver Powersports could open my secret crate and they built it in record time for me since I was eager to get it on the snow. They also took photos every step of the way and everyone on their facebook was going nuts, so exciting. It went from the crate to my trailer in just a few hours…..

The Freeride is the best looking sled ever produced! That is Stephanie Schwartz walking near it, keep walking girl...that's my Freeride!! Ha Ha, Steph loved it too!!

First of all the Freeride is the best looking sled that has ever been produced by any manufacture, it is truly a wicked looking sled! It is made for those who pound the trail on the way to the back-country and then spend their day riding non-stop powder, big drops and tight trees! Even though I am not a jumper, I was able to put the Freeride through it’s paces and also get it into the hands of many different riders who could  give their feedback!

The Freeride Loves the Pow Too!!

To break the sled in I wasted no time in taking it to Brohm Ridge, which had recently got over 150cm’s in the last 4 days! The pow was light and plentiful and the Freeride loved every minute of it’s break-in miles!!!

Norona loves Pow, Freeride Loves Pow, Norona loves Freeride, Freeride loves Norona!!

Since I don’t jump big I really am a Summit rider and this years XM is the best yet with awesome power, easy handling with it’s narrow 36 inch front end, the XM seems to just get up and go in the deepest snow! It can also handle big drops as many of the other Ski-Doo riders like Rob Alford and Ashley Chaffin can attest to! I love the Summit XM and the real question would be for me is the Freeride a better sled for me or not?

I am not a big jumper but the suspension on this Freeride RULES!!!

The Freeride for 2014 gets T-motion, Flex Edge Track, Open Running Boards and the 8 inches further forward from the Summit XM. It then goes a bit further with wider running boards, beefed up tunnel and front end and awesome KYB piggyback shocks. Also a very cool low windshield and wild paint scheme that screams, look at me!!

I am really smiling here!!

The Freeride is also heavier, about 30 pounds which is not what most riders want but is something people will put up with if the sleds works and of course bigger shocks and a beefed up sled is not going to be lighter! Again the real question most are going to ask is the weight penalty worth it.

The Freeride will sidehill all day long!

The thing I was most worried about was the front end, as on the Freeride the front end is wider than the Summit XM by 2 inches, the Summit XM is 36 or 38 and the Freeride is 38 or 40! Previous to 2013 I have always ridden my XP Summits at 38 and loved them, however once I got the 2013 Summit XM and tried the front end a 36 there was no going back. In fact on a recent trip to Wyoming the dealer who lent me a new Summit Rev XM had the front end at 38 and I hated it, as I was use to my 36 inch at home, so I switched it and was in my Happy Place again!

Happy Boy in his Happy Place!!

Well that was the biggest thing I noticed when I hit the snow, is that the Freeride felt harder to initiate a side hill than my summit xm as well as carve. Even after only riding it for 2 hours and then jumping back to a Summit XM, the first time I carve the Summit I put it on its side since it was so easy! Now I am not saying the Freeride does not sidehill and carve easy, as it does, however not as easy as the Summit! So if you have never ridden a Summit XM, you won’t know what I am talking about, and will find the Freeride handle like a dream compared to 2011-2013 Freerides. But if you have an XM and got to a Freeride you will notice that it is more effort!


The Freeride should like trees.....and it does!! It floats through them!!!

I also found that the Freeride was a little more heavy feeling than the Summit. On down turns and upturns the Summit XM just pops up and rips, The freeride does these things easy too but the snap is a little less, for sure this is due to the weight increase…

This is Kassy, she took the She Shreds Women's Clinic and I let her throw around the Freeride, she wouldn't give it back!!!

I took the sled to Julie-Ann Chapman’s She Shreds Women’s clinic and all the women loved it, they found the sled way easier to ride than their 2004-2012 SKi-Doo sleds that they all had. And they also found the 2013 Summit XM even easier, but most of them preferred the Freeride due to the look and overall appeal!

I love Pow, and the Freeride just feels good!!

So in closing, are you a Summit XM Rider or a Freeride Rider? Each individual will have to look at their own riding skill set, as well as where they live and what conditions they most ride in. I see the Freeride super popular in Easter Canada where they hit the trails hard, get lots of Powder, and love big hits! Those in the mountains who go big and are tough on stuff will love the Freeride also for the suspension and burliness as well as the look and style this sled has. For me I prefer the Summit XM over this bad boy cousin….or maybe I might have to have one of each! Time to make a few calls!

Whatever Ski-Doo Mountain Sled you choose, get your order in early as there is sure to be a rush for the best mountain sled ever produced and the deal below sweetens the pot even more! Happy Riding! dave

The Deals are Sweet! Snow Check Today!!!

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Ski-Doo in 2014

by admin

Yves Leduc are amazing North American Vice President & GM is always pumped and keen on a ride! Mountain or Flat Land!

Wow! It is always so exciting to be down with all the dealers from around the world to check out all the latest and greatest from Ski-Doo! Truth be told I know a lot of what is coming down the pipe sooner than most but it is still exciting for me to see the finished awesome products that BRP Ski-Doo does so well!

Why Texas? Everything is always Bigger in Texas!!!

This years reveal is in Texas and although many people wonder why Ski-Doo heads south for their reveal, it is really for the dealers to get away from their winter playground and business’s and spend some time int he warmer climates to see and learn what is new! We are also not riding so Texas is as great as spot as any!!!

Well lets get on with it!!

The new 900 Ace Four Stroke offers 50% more power and 77% more torque over the 600Ace and at 74db and 22mpg this sled is amazing!!!

This little four stroke is not for the mountains yet but for the right person this thing is way ahead of any competition!!

Factory Bend A-Arms that offer more clearance and the T-Motion upgrade ensure those that are still loving their xp have some cool upgrades to improve the handling of their non-current sled.

One of the rad color sku's to choose for 2014 Summit Rev XM X Model! Color is the only change and for those who question why? I ask you what is it that this rev xm is not doing for you as it is a true mountain riders dream!

Love this one! Spring order only!!! Summit Rev XM X

Ski-Doo scratchers and they are reversible!!

Here they are in the up position!

No matter what color sled you get you can make it your own with your very own wrap from SCS Unlimited!!

Feed your beauty the right stuff!!!

ABS is the leader in Avy Air Bag Safety!!! If you ride in the mountains get one of these packs from your Ski-Doo Dealer!

Sweet Renegade X with 600 E-tec!

Well here it is the New Freeride! This one is a 137!

ski stance is 38 & 40 and check out those DSII Skis!! Sick!

Nice color accent on the bar too!!

What can I say the Freeride is my favorite looking sled! It is a Rev xm rs chassis with t-motion, flex edge and opened up running boards! The boards are still wider and the tunnel and s-modual are beefed up for going big!

Big Wide Boards!!! This sled was made for guys like Rob Alford and Rob Hoff!!

Another succesful year for Ski-Doo Helium 30 and 50!! This stuff just plain works!!

MCode, yes that is Rob Alford texting his girlfriend there!! :)

The new Mcode gear is bright, sharp and works really well!! Nice job Ski-Doo!

Lots of womens Mcode as well and Ashley and Stephanie your gonna love it along with everyone else!!

Kids Gear is stellar too!!!

Hey Kids if it snows enough you can miss school and go riding!!! Yaaaaaaa

The XP-R2 Carbon Helmets look amazing! I will be running the top two colors!!

Rob Alford showing the best color sku off!!

Sweet Goggle Warmer right off the CVT Clutch Guard!

One of the coolest new accessories, this adjustable riser comes in different sizes and offers 2.5 inches of adjustability!

The linq system jerry can and bags are the best and easiest way to carry stuff on your sled, period! They rule!!

I love these helium boots, they work wcked but we are hard at work on Monday to make them even better!!

The new MXZ with the xs Chassis! Trail Killer!!!

Well there you go don’t forget to check out the Ski-Doo website for more info and Ski Doo Mountain on Facebook for new updates and live feeds from the show! Plus sign up for a demo ride to test the 2013 sleds now! Hope you enjoyed the show!! It’s not everything as there is a lot more cool stuff coming at you in 2014 from Ski-Doo!!


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Old sleds make me giggle and this was an awesome time aboard a 1967 Ski-Doo Olympic!!!


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Powder Turns on Cypress Mountain!!

December 19, 2012

Killer Pow on Cypress Mountain!! I love waking up early and hearing the torrential downpour outside my bedroom window, it only means one thing, Powder on the Local Mountains!!! A quick shake and my partner in crime Kim is ready to go! Boots, skis, some grub and we are off! The best part about Cypress [...]

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Kite Surfing in La Ventana, Baja!!!

December 5, 2012

La  Ventana Life!!! As I sit and write this, the afternoon sun is going into hiding for the evening and the wind is barley a breeze. It is a beautiful time of day here in La Ventana, your body adrenalin is still humming from an epic day on the water and you feel relaxed and [...]

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