BC Bike Race-Day One…

by noronaadmin

Well after last nights late rain that worried everyone, we awoke to beautiful sunny skies and a wicked day to start the 2009 edition of the BC Bike Race!

Competitors we eager to get the journey under way, and so they did at 10:00 am sharp. The 400 racers hammered up Berkley Ave in North Vancouver and into the famous North Shore Mountains. Worried racers who were concerned about the gnarly trails were surprised at how fun they were if you concentrated and took it at your level of speed. More than once I heard the word “AWESOME” coming out of racers mouths.

The sun was out all day and all racers made it to the finish except for one unlucky women rider who took a trip to the hospital thanks to Severed Trail. We hope she is doing well and can continue with the journey. If she is anything like the other awesome women in this years race, she will be there with a big smile!

All the racers are now fed thanks to Taylors Crossing who catered an awesome meal tonight right on the field in the middle of Lynn Valley. Yes for the first time ever the race is camped out at the base of Mount Fromme amongst a very proud neighbourhood!

And a big shout out to Darren and Kelli at Endless Biking who designed and created a wicked first day of the 2009 BC Bike Race.!!!

Here’s the vid, enjoy! Little D

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