BCBR Day Two…oh yeah!

by noronaadmin

Well the second day of the BC Bike Race is done and what an epic day. Today racers were treated to a sweet ride on the Brand New BC Ferry-Renaissance. This is an amazing ship and takes hundreds of thousands of visitor and BC residents throughout Vancouver Island and surrounding Islands yearly.

The race began right from the terminal with a 14 km road section before racers were treated to the wicked trails of the Abyss. This awesome area is littered with sweet single track. Today I along with Bruce Spicer, Steve Mitchell, Chris Cooney and Jeff Green served as the moto team making sure every racer gets taken care of from start to finish. It is an awesome job as we watch all the racers achieve their goals of the day and help the ones that run into trouble.

The course that Norm Thibault and Sean Lunny designed was spectacular and everyone enjoyed it. However, many were done by the end of the stage, but the view sitting on the Parksville water front brought them around though. Incredible!!

Many competitors are remarking about how well the race has been run and we are all quick to remind them that they make the race and all the highs and lows that go with it. We try to provide the ultimate single track experience and I think they are getting it. Tomorrow we will arrive in Cumberland for another amazing day designed by Jeremy Grastsby who always designs an epic course

Until then, enjoy the highlights of today! See ya tomorrow, litte D


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