Day 3…what a Ripper!

by noronaadmin

Day three started off under sunny skies and everyone was excited to hit the wicked trails of Cumberland. Jeremy Gratsby of the Riding Fools Hostel always provides an incredible day 3 and he did not disappoint!!!

The race started off fast and furious before the tight trails began. Bear Bait was a trail everyone loved and rightfully so. The moto team got to slay the trails too as safety but what a wicked time we had.

Bear Bait was followed by a big climb up to Forbidden Plateau and aid station 1 where people were more than happy to refuel. After that the trails were incredible. Tight technical trails descending all the way down to the lake!!! Oh Yeah!!!

The smiles of all the racers were huge when they crossed the finish line and what an awesome day. Now many of them are sitting back with beers and basking in the long days of summer on Vancouver Island before heading off to various local restaurants for wicked food.

Thanks to all for the kind comments on the videos. They are short so we can upload them fast but I still find myself as ‘Moto Dave’ for about 5-8 hours a day on course then have to refuel, download footage, edit it up and save it and then download it which puts me usually at midnight with a few beers along the way. As you can imagine it is pretty full on so I appreciate the kind comments and am happy to be out there and letting everyone know whats going on….once again here the vid! Later Skater…

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