AMA Motorcross

by noronaadmin

This weekend Kim and I joined a couple of friends at the Washougal Race Track in Southern Washington for the AMA/WMA Motorcross Event. This event has the best riders in the world going head to head for the 250 and 450 titles.


There were 20,000 screaming fans, an amazing outdoor track and the hot sun was out in full force.

It is amazing to watch the start of these events with the 40 best riders in the world going toe to toe in the first corner. They do not shut off the throttle in the corners and it is a real treat to watch these riders and how fast they actually go. Very inspiring.


Chad Reed took home both motos which was awesome especially after getting caught up in a crash at the start of moto 2 and coming back to make the final pass with 1 lap to go for the win of moto 2 and the overall.



It was also cool to walk the pits with Kim and see all the awesome rigs and pro riders doing their thing before the events. Love it!!!

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