Workout WoW!

by noronaadmin

Today I hit the gym for the first time in a very long time. You see I never really have done weights even during my full time racing. I always thought it was better to spend time doing the sports I raced at and since I did and do so many sports, weights were just not necessary.

Kim has been working out like crazy since her ACL surgery and Dr. McConkey has remarked how amazing her recovery has been and one of those reasons has been because of the Power Plate. What the heck is a Power Plate?

Well it is a small machine that you stand on and workout on and it vibrates at over 2000 times per minute. It also moves on 3 axis’s and creates an amazing workout in only 15 minutes.


Today was my first time and I was blown away at this machine. It is simple to use and Lily our trainer put us through some simple exercises and as we moved through them I noticed better balance, strength and stamina. Then before I knew it the workout was over. All together it was only about 25 minutes and I was like, “hey that is not enough”! However as we walked out I noticed that I flet like I had worked out very hard for an hour and a half. Because the machine is vibrating it is like your muscles are contracting hard for the entire workout therefore giving you a pretty amazing workout.

You gotta try this machine. Not many around but visit Powervibe Fitness and your first session is free. They also have an infrared sauna and your first time in that is free as well. Very Cool!

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