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Well this is a little plug for my awesome girlfriend, Kim, who is so passionate about health. She is constantly inspiring me to push my own limits on how the body can heal itself.


Kim is a rockstar athlete! We do everything together – dirt bike, mountain bike, kite surf, ski – you name it, we love it. The only way to keep doing this is to stay healthy right up till the day you drop….


Over the past 2 years, Kim has been working extremely hard to bring people all over the globe up to date on all the amazing things we can do to be proactive in our own health. Yes there are a lot of people who wonder if this stuff works and all I can say is if a new technology comes along, embrace it and try it for yourself to see if it helps you.

So I invite you to check out her amazing You-Be-Healthy Blog and improve on your own health today!

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