Mountain Bike 101

by noronaadmin


Wanna Ride?

You bet you do! Mountain Biking is one awesome sport and tons of people are getting outside and dirty and the best way to do that is on your very own sweet ride!

However like most people who venture into a bike shop for the very first time, the thought of choosing one bike that will do everything you want can be very intimidating. So this is where I come in and I will do my best to fill you all in. Let’s get started!


First of all you have to ask yourself, what type of riding do I want to do?

Cross Country Race, Cross Country Fun, All Mountain, Freeride/Downhill.

For any of the above I would first of all choose a full-suspension bike. This will allow you ride more technical terrain, ride longer and have more fun.



The best way to find the bike of your dreams is to try a lot on for size and feel. I have been riding many bikes over the last 20 years and all of them have been great. I have been very pumped to be riding with Marin Bikes a very innovative company. I love their designs and the way their bikes feel beneath me. Whatever brand that you love and excites you after trying it is the right bike for you. My xc-all mountain bike is the Marin Mt. Vision 5.9 Pro and I love its lightness and quick turning ability. For the steep and deep riding of the North Shore Mountains where I live I love the Marin Attack Trail 6.8 for Freeriding. I can ride this up like and xc bike and on the way down it feels like a nimble downhill bike-the best of both worlds. Yes I am a lucky boy!

Find a Marin Dealer new YOU! And check out their Blog here.




For XC Racing you want light weight and are looking at a bike with 3-4 inches of front and rear suspension. For XC Fun and All-Mountain you will be looking for 4-6 inches of travel and finally for Freeride and DH you are looking at 6-8 inches.


If your racing lots then you already have an idea of what you want or need but if your plan is to ride lots and maybe jump into a few races then an XC Fun-All Mountain bike is the best bet for you. I always tell people to get as much suspension as they can while keeping the bike light. Fox makes some of the best suspension on the market and I love their Talus Series. The Talus Forks allows you to lower and raise the suspension so you can ride up with 3 inches and descend with 6. This is the ultimate. The Fox Talus 32 150 is my favorite XC-All Mountain Fork and the Fox Talus 36 is my favorite Freeride Fork.


I have one word for you! SHIMANO!

They make the best bike components on the planet, period! There are many different shimano gruppos and basically what I tell people is the get the best gruppo they can afford. The ideal is Shimano XT. This is designed to last a long time and withstand the abuse us mountain bikers put on our gear. If you need something a little cheaper then ask the store about incorporating XT and LX onto your bike. Use LX shifter, hubs, cranks and front derailleur and XT brakes and rear derailleur and you have got yourself one sweet ride without compromise. Most bikes come with disc brakes these days and you should forsure be getting these on your ride. Stay away from cable actuated discs as they just don’t work as well after a while. Hydraulic disc brakes are the only way to go.

Remember that sweet ride cost you a lot of money so make sure you take care of it by cleaning it and lubing the chain and cables before each ride and taking it in to your favorite local bike shop for periodic service. All this will mean that your sweet ride will be providing you with years of FUN…and that is what it is all about!

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