Electric Ripper!

by noronaadmin


We the fall air has arrived but what amazing weather we have had! This Thanks Giving Weekend we made our way to Onion Lake to meet up with friends and dirt bike ride.



It was so beautiful, but it was very cold. Minus 15 at night. The only way to combat the cold was to dress warm and have a huge fire. Oh Yeah!


I got out for two huge rides with friends and even managed to take a rip and get some cool footage on the Zero Electric Motorcycle. It was Kim’s first weekend back dirt biking since her ACL surgery 4 months ago and so I thought it fitting to send her off on the electric dirt bike which has tons of power but is lighter and easier to manoeuvre through the tight trails. She did awesome!

I hope your weekend was a blast no matter where you spent it!

Fox Racing

GA Checkpoint Yamaha


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