Getting Ready for Winter!

by noronaadmin


Yes winter is almost here and even though we have about a month of wet snotty weather ahead, I like to be organized and get all my ducks in a row for when the snow flies!

For me that means choosing the right winter gear for the 80 plus ski days into the backcountry I make. I look for gear that is light, fun and efficient but most importantly is dialled for the downhill powder turns I love. There is lots of super lightweight gear out there these days but I want gear that skis like full on alpine equipment because for me it is all about the sweet turns.


For skis this year I choose a pair of Genuine Guide Gear Zest skis. Yes these are women’s skis but after testing these amazing rides last year I just couldn’t turn down a chance to use them this year. They are light, fat and float through the powder. These skis also have the new early rise tip which allows the ski to turn on a dime. G3 has been turning out boards for several years now and I have ridden many different models of their skis and they all feel amazing! Keep up-to-date on all things G3 here.


For me and most skiers, boots are the most important. They put your every input into the ski so if they don’t transfer that then they just won’t do. For years I was reluctant to use an Alpine Touring boot because I felt they just did not give you the control a DH boot did. That all changed when I tried the Garmont Radium boot last year. This boot is ultra light, has four buckles and a mouldable liner and most importantly skis like a regular ski boot. Because the Radium is so light it allows me to tour faster and more efficiently so I can get to more powder faster. Boots are all about the fit so try them all on but especially look at the Garmont line as there is something in there for everyone.


The other cool thing Alpine Touring boots allowed me to do is go to G3’s new Onyx binding. This new binding is G3’s first step into the Alpine Touring binding market and man is it awesome. Lightweight, strong and it skis just like and alpine binding. I love the way it tours and I have dropped a whack of weight between boots and bindings which makes my day out there that much better! Check’em out here…

Now that I have my equipment all dialled it is time to get them ready for snow and the way I do that is to take them down to Dave at Crystal Glide. Dave has been dialling race skis for years and he always makes my boards awesome. Whether your a ripper or a brand new skier having your skis stone ground and edges done will make your day out on the slopes even more special.

Here is some stoke to get you ready for winter!


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