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Dave Brohm 2009

Since I started snowmobiling it is hard not to go totally bonkers when I see the snow season arriving. I mean I love summer, dirt biking, mountain biking and kite surfing are off the hook, however there is nothing that gets my juices flowing more than thinking about carving up some meadow with light fluffy powder billowing up over the hood of my Ski-Doo Rev XP!


I just spent today out at Great Vancouver Power Sports looking over all the new gear and grabbing a few essentials for the winter. The boyz at GVPS are top notch in sales and helping you dial in your machine so it performs better and is more reliable when your out there. If your looking for a new or used sled then give them a shout and talk to Mike in Sales. or if you have any questions e-mail me at


Lat year I picked up a new REV XP 146 and man these new sleds really make a huge difference to the fun factor and especially when doubling to get to the awesome ski terrain. I do about 110-120 days per winter sledding, sled/skiing and touring off the machine and every day last year was incredible. For the few friends I took out skiing they were all blown away at the terrain and how few people are out there, which means more POWDER!!!

Here is all the things I do to my sled before it hits the snow…

If your looking for a new sled for carving powder or to get to the ski goods then look no further than a Ski-Doo Rev XP. These machines are the lightest and have the best power to weight ratio of all the manufactures out there. I also can not believe how fuel efficient these new sleds are which mean more ROOP TIME, more POWDER TIME and MORE FUN!

Skiing @ Brohm Dec 2909 027

Skiing @ Brohm Dec 2909 021

If you are into skiing or snowboarding then don’t forget to pick up one of these sweet Racks from Cheetah Factory Racing. These are made by Dave Basterrechea in Pemberton, BC and they are designed to make your time out in the mountains more productive. These racks are bombproof and easily handle all your equipment. Last year I picked up his new Dime Bag which attaches perfectly to my rack and allows me to store extra gloves, first aid kit and food or whatever else I need that day. Dave also has an amazing website, so check it out.


Here are a few more vids to show you where sleds can get you and what they can do… see ya Out There!!!

Here are some fun and helpful sites

Black Tusk Snowmobile Club


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