Stay Strong!

by noronaadmin


It was about a year ago when I watched in horror on TV when Professional BMX rider Stephen Murray Crashed hard at a competition. Now we all know that today and for all time athletes have pushed the envelope. Well Stephen Murray is one of those athletes. He had thrown down more double back flips and every time I saw it I was blown away. I love people who push the limits.

Unfortunately in 2007 in that crash Stephen Murray broke his neck and was paralized. Below is his ride back to an amazing recovery. I always say life for most of us here is easy. Yet we hear people complaining all the time!? What’s up! Then a person like Stephen Murray steps up and does what he is doing. Take it as inspiration cause I sure do. You can also visit Stephen’s blog and check out some of his clothing and buy something cool.

Here is a video that shows what an amazing rider Stephen is….


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