Sweet Fall Ride!

by noronaadmin



Well the days are shorter and colder but wow have we had the perfect fall. Zero rain and the trails are in such good shape. It is these days I value most when I can take out my Marin Wolf Ridge and just cruise up the hills and enjoy the ride down without rushing or the crowds of people that summer brings.

IMG_9526 17-23-11


Kim and I made our way up Mount Fromme yesterday for one sweet ride just outside our backdoor.We hit Pipeline which is a beautiful build up trail and at this time of the year to ride with on dry stunts and have no standing water is a real treat. Kim is also just over 4 1/2 months in on her new ACL and man she is ripping. I am so impressed by her recovery and how she just takes it all in stride.



Hope your out enjoying the ride too!


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