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There is nothing like the sweet hot Maui sun hitting your body as you cruise through the water on your stand up paddle board. Over the last 2 days Kim and I made our way over to Greg and Ingrid’s palace to enjoy some amazing company and surf the smooth waves and take a break from Kiting.



The night we arrived we instantly hopped into the water for an evening session and it was sweet. The nights are so amazing here as they are so warm and the surf keeps coming. After a bit it was time to head into Lahaina for some amazing food.


The next morning I awoke early for a morning session with the beach all to myself. The waves were perfect and every once and a while a sea turtle would poke its head out to receive a fresh bit of oxygen. It was so peaceful.


We ended up spending the whole day surfing and enjoying the day and again had an amazing dinner with some new friends we had just met.


Greg then invited me to ride out from Lahaina up half way to the volcano and then back down to this cool restaurant we were to meet the girls for lunch. I had nothing here so Ingrid let me borrow all her bike gear and bike. It was a super windy day and man on the flats the 50km/hr wind had as at a near standstill!


We climbed in the hot sun and the views of the surrounding area were awesome!! After more climbing we finally descended at 70 plus km/hr to the HaillieMaille for a wicked lunch.


Just another wicked fun session here in Maui. Looking forward to getting back on the kites tomorrow. Hope this finds you all well. Little D Aloha


Dave Norona
Norona Life

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