New Marin Bike!!!

by noronaadmin


It was a hard thing to hide but instead of wrapping it up under the tree, I gave Kim a box that contained an avalanche beacon. When she opened it up she looked at me as to say, “hey, I already have one of these”?!


I told her to turn it on and when she did she found a signal that took her about 2 minutes to find. Hiding in the shower was a brand new Marin Mill Valley.


Kim was so pumped!! One of the things we miss is road riding and especially in Maui where we were looking for a fun thing to do when we needed a break from Kite Surfing.


I finally set both our new rides up with fenders and all the fixin’s and we headed out for our maiden voyage. These bikes are awesomely fast and nimble, feel very comfy and are just plain fun! They are dialed with Shimano road and mountain parts so you know they are dialed!


We headed up the road in Lynn Valley to the Seymour demo forest road where there are no cars and it snakes its way through the rain forest for 12km. We saw tons of deer and had a wicked ride!


If you’re looking for a new sweet ride for training, commuting or just to hammer the road check out Marin’s full line of road, hybrid and mountain bikes! The Lynn Valley Bike Shop will soon be opening in North Vancouver and they will have a huge selection of all Marin Bikes!


Dave Norona
Norona Life

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