The Ultimate Safety Gear!

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Like many, playing in the mountains is a big part of my life! There is nothing better than being up in the mountains and enjoying some sun and fresh powder with your friends.


I spend a lot of time in the backcountry sledding, skiing and ski-touring and the biggest danger out in the backcountry is forgetting to always use your head.

It has been proven time and time again that those who have been unfortunately caught in an avalanche pretty much knew they were in avy terrain, knew the dangers, saw the signs – but hit the slope anyways!


There is nothing that can stop and eager skier, snowboarder or sledder! So what is the key things to remember when we head out into the backcountry?

#1. No One should be in the backcountry unless they have first taken a recreational avalanche course! Yes that means everyone in your group!!

#2. It is alway important to carry all the essential avalanche equipment and whatever else you might need.

#3. Always, always check the weather and avalanche bulletin before heading out and print the bulletin off and carry it with you!

#4. Let people know where your going so if something happens you are accounted for.

#5. Be aware of your surroundings at all times and be constantly evaluating the terrain, temperature and any visible signs of avalanches as you move through your day.

#6. Never be intimidated or scared to speak up about a gut feeling or if you are not into skiing a slope. A good group will make decisions based on the entire group, not just one person!

#7. Have fun! This is why we do these sports so make good decisions and live to ride another day!

Below are the latest and greatest bits of gear to help you make your day out safer and if you ever have to help someone who has been caught in an avalanche this is the gear you will want in your pack!


Genuine Guide Gear is a North Vancouver based company that makes some of the best avalanche gear on the planet. Their Avi Tech Shovel is used by professional guides everywhere. The shovel blade is wicked strong and the extendable handle lets you move snow quickly and efficiently!

G3_CarbonProbeI love my new Genuine Guide Gear 320cm Carbon Probe as it is light, strong and has important measurements to aid in deep burials and digging pits! For more on all things G3 check out their G3 House Blend Here


Over the last 4 years I have been using what I believe to be the simplest, most user friendly Avalanche Beacon of all time. The Backcountry Access Tracker. This beacon is so easy to use that at many avy demo days I have literally given it to an 8 year old kid and said push the red button and go find. They do and they find, usually in record time. When the sh%t hits the fan this is the beacon you want! Period!


Well now the original Tracker has been improved upon with the Tracker 2 which is a triple antenna beacon and has a large search width and is a little more dialled and easier to use during the pinpoint stage of the search. Both of these awesome beacons can be found at fine outdoor retailer near you.


New this year from Backcountry Access is the Float 30 Avalanche Airbag Pack. This amazing 30 litre pack sets a new standard in a great functional pack with loads of space for all your gear and a 150 litre Co2 filled airbag that instantly inflates with the pull of the cord if you are ever caught in an avalanche. This air bag allows you to stay on top of the avalanche rather to be buried at the bottom of it. To top it all off Backcountry Access have made this pack cheaper than anyone in the industry ensuring that more people will be using these which is amazing! Check out all the latest and greatest from BCA on thier blog here!

Float30Well there you have it, now you are up-to-date ont he latest and greatest equipment! So get out there and learn how to use it, take an avalanche skills course and play safe! Pass it on!

The next Avalanche Course takes place at Brohm Ridge January 14-15th and January 16-17. For more information


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