Incredible Moto Area!!!

by noronaadmin

I still remember the day Kim and I pulled into Bear Creek in West Kelowna to dirt bike. The area looked beautiful and we could not wait to hit the trails. After just a few hours we fell in love with the place and made the journey there on most weekends.

Well over the last few years we have spent less time there due to the awesome Onion Lake riding area a little closer to home but we would alway hit Bear Creek when the snow arrived in Lytton and we needed another weekend of moto!

Well the Okanagan Trail Riders, an amazing club under the leadership of Ken Umbarger has just done some absolutely incredible things there in the past few years. In fact I just spent the last three days there with my friend Steve Klassen and I almost did not recgonize the area!

The club secured funding and put the money into building over 125km of NEW sustainable atv and motor bike enduro trails that go from mellow to wild. This has got to be the best area I have ever seen from signage to proper trail building and bridges to cross major creeks and sensitive areas. Steve and I we just blown away. Plus since it was during the week we had the place to ourselves, except when Ken Umbarger popped in to say hello and we could thank him in person!

So to all the awesome companies who donated product and time and the countless volunteers who donated their time to make this all happen, THANKS! This is what needs to happen in more areas and each town that does adopt this plan will see a big increase in tourism dollars… and happier, healthier people!

Of course this write up would not be complete without a fun video, thanks for the rad ride Steve and the help in filming….i think it paid off!

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