The Ultimate Camera!

by noronaadmin

Since I started racing extreme adventures all over the planet, I felt compelled to bring back photos. It was my passion to share some of the amazing places I have gotten to race through and this was my way to share with all my family, friends and sponsors!

I still remember the first time I decided I would try and shoot some video. It was only after I had done multi-media slides shows all over North America and I wanted to do more. Plus once I got a MAC computer and played with the software, I was HOOKED!

The day my videos changed was when I got my first Go Pro camera. These little gems allowed me to shoot all my adventures no matter what the weather. I used that initial Go Pro for everything from skiing, to kiting to mountain biking and it ruled!

Then Go Pro came out with a brand new HD version which had better sound, better picture, better battery life which allowed me to capture more wicked footage.

The Go Pro is fully waterproof and shock proof and shoots amazing video and stills and it can be mounted to just about anything and i have even invented some of my own mounts to capture my personal adventures.

I now have over 180 videos of outdoor adventures from surfing to mountain biking, sledding to hiking. I love making them and sharing them with friends and using them to promote outdoor sports to everyone and showing how much fun you can have in the great outdoors.

If you looking for the ultimate outdoor camera for any adventure check out the Go Pro and capture your wicked Life!

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