ABS Aig Bag Packs Equals Better Safety in the Mountains!

by noronaadmin

ABS Aig-Bag Packs were developed in 1985! That is a long time ago and todays models continually push the envelope to help skiers, snowmobilers and other backcountry users to be more safe in the mountains.

The ABS Air-Bag Pack is a Nitrogen Charged system that when the charged handle is pulled two air bags inflate out of each side of the pack. These total 170 litres allowing the person who is caught in an avalanche to float on the surface of the moving snow not under it.

There is a 98% survival rate with people who have worn an ABS Air-Bag, which is amazing. The ABS packs are very durable and strong and the Vario model offers a pack zip in system where you can choose between a 15, 18, 30 or 50 litre pack. This way you have one system and can use it on the local hill or into the backcountry on a full on expedition! Just choose your bag size and zip it in!

There is also the Freeride Model which is more for snowmobilers because of its smaller size but we love it for skiing and sled skiing due to it’s size. All the packs are designed to carry all your other Avalanche Safety Gear ┬álike a Genuine Guide Gear Shovel and Probe! As well as your lunch and other necessities.

New this year you will see the wireless transmitter which allows the users to set of each others bag remotely since the person watching will see the avalanche crack before the person who is caught does. They can then set off that persons bag ensuring their safety! There is also a carbon cartridge which is half the weight of the current cartridge in use, amazing!


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