Greater Vancouver PowerSports – Ski-Doo Open House

by noronaadmin

Well sled season is fast approaching! It is the time of the year when all the sledders get all excited looking off into the mountains from their offices to see if any new snow has fallen, or they are checking the mountain pass cameras to see if the rain down below is coming down as powder!

Today was Greater Vancouver PowerSports Dealer Open house where everyone comes to see the first Ski-Doo E-tec 800!

There was a ton of people and it was great to see some old friends and meet some great new people. There was a big pulled pork barbeque, drinks and ballons and prizes for every age.

Mike Skiba and his staff do an awesome job of feeding their customers and entertaining them with videos and good times!

I have not released it yet but I am proud to announce that I am a Ski-Doo Ambassador this year so I will be hitting up a lot of events and riding as much as possible. I am very excited and to think only 4 and half years ago I stepped into Greater Vancouver PowerSports after buying my first sled a Ski-Doo ZX 800 HO.

I spent the night talking to people about the new E-Tec 800 and people are pumped to ride it as their very own sled this year.

I also brought a few ABS-Air Bag Packs for people to check out and try on. ABS leads the way in ABS Avalanche Bag technology and I had a full audience all night long. They loved seeing the bags up in person and getting to set them off and re-pack them, people were very impressed. These bags have a 98% survival rate in true avalanches. If you are caught in an avalanche you pull the handle and a nitrogen charged canister inflates two bags to 170 litres making you ride atop of the slide not down below it.

Talk about impressed! Greater Vancouver had several of the new Bombardier Can-Am Commander side by side’s and these things are impressive! 85 horsepower, 1000cc ready to tackle the backcountry…sign me up. I can’t wait till I have a big property in which I need one to rip around!

What a great night and if you need any sledding parts, accessories, or anything else head on down to Greater Vancouver PowerSports and load up before the snow flies! Also Congrats to Doug Hawley, Anthony Thauld and Brett McDowell for winning prizes in the slide show competition! Below are their slides!


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