Hike it Up!

by noronaadmin

I love the Fall! Especially this year with the nice weather it means that the trees have some awesome colour in them and the fresh air is, well, Awesome!

Fall for me is usually some down time where I get everything for winter dialed up so when the snow arrives I am ready to go. So for me the fall involves a lot of hiking and enjoying my backyard, The North Shore Mountains!

There are a number of wicked trails to enjoy and I love the ones up Grouse Mountain since they involve steep terrain and they all end up at the top where you are whisked down by the Grouse Mountain Tram. This allows you to build those muscles without damaging your knees on the way down.

I love starting out in the dark when no one is around and although I usually travel by myself, I love it when Kim joins me as I get to show her some of the new trails I find!

Hiking has got to be one of the best activities for anyone who wants to start out exercising or someone who is super fit looking for something to do in between summer and winter sports.

Now is the time to back off on the hard efforts and go easy and work on efficiency and building a base for the winter months ahead. The nice thing about hiking is that when the snow arrives you can just strap some snowshoes on and keep going all winter long!

See ya out there!

Dave Norona
Norona Life



Grouse Mountain


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