No Limits MotorSports Open House

by noronaadmin

With the latest weather reports from across BC and snow many sledders have been getting out and enjoying the new snow. There really isn’t enough yet but that doesn’t mean the keeners aren’t trying.

This year so many people are so keen on the new Ski-Doo E-Tec Sleds that it is just exciting to be at these Dealer Open Houses and meet new people, hear the low down on the new E-Tec and see the excitement in peoples face.

Last Night I spent the evening at No Limits MotorSports in Squamish, BC. It was great to meet some of the new staff and see some of the regulars who make this shop a great one. Amanda had a great sushi feast and tons of prizes as well as Wayne Hodder gave and awesome talk on the new E-tec 800 Sled and how to best take care of it and the differences over the PowerTek Motor.

I got to chat with Barry Groundwater who does so much for the Black Tusk Snowmobile Club and is a great guy. I want to personally thank him and the rest of the club members who make one of my favorite areas, Brohm Ridge, so awesome!!!

I also brought in the ABS backpacks and of course we had a ton of people interested to see them and how they work. It is always a good time setting them off and I love showing these amazing bags off as it gets them excited about being safer in the mountains, a good thing for everyone!

Well lets pray for even more snow over the coming weeks and soon we will all be out enjoying the backcountry on Sleds & Skis!


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