NoronaLife in Whistler

by noronaadmin

Well fall is finally here and that means the awesome ALP CEO program with the Sauder School of Business is on. NoronaLife does three days with the group of amazing people from all over the world who have come to hone in their business skills.

The first day they arrive I put together a cool adventure/orienteering course for the participants to work through together with their teams. They have to work together and use each others strengths to get to the finish the fastest.

This day is also about each participant meeting each other and for them all to get to know one another better. Their Adventure Course ended at the Great Glass Elevator, one of the best candy stores ever in the heart of the Whistler Village!

I am privileged to work with Sauder on an umber of projects and I always learn so much from their amazing instructors, guest speakers and participants.

I am up in Whistler again on Saturday running a crisis in the workplace event where I have the participants involved in a full on, very real search and rescue avalanche scenario. Then I am back again on Wednesday to do a Focus on Your Vision Slide Show. Looking forward to it!


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