Ski-Doo’s Helium 30 & 50 Mountain Gear

by noronaadmin

Ski-Doo’s Helium 30 & 50 Jacket and Pants

This year Ski-Doo stepped up it’s clothing line with the introduction of the Helium 30 & 50 Jacket and Pants. Ski-Doo is not new to clothing but for us mountain riders their previous clothing lines have been too bulky and more oriented to the flatland crowd. There is nothing wrong with that since the flatlanders make up the majority of the sledding population. We should actually take it as a compliment that they are producing new gear for us, a much smaller demographic!

Personally since I started sledding I have used typical ski gear from such manufactures as Helly Hansen, Mountain Hardwear, Columbia Sportswear, Orage, Burton and a few others so it is this I will base my thoughts on. Ski clothing manufactures have long build their stuff off of using it in the mountains and skiers and snowboarders want the ultimate in protection, mobility and function and to me when sledding I want the same.

The first piece I will talk about today is the Helium 30 Jacket and Pants. The first thing I noticed was the lightweight and soft pliable material. This was an instant win for me since it feels similar to the ski/snowboard clothing I already use. The pants are bib style and feel warm with a thin liner over the shell. I normally just want a shell but these pants are still light and light feeling with the liner. The waterproof zippers are stealth and these pants have a full zip. The pants are a little big for my 138lb, 5’5 frame and it leads me to think they should have a bigger size chart with xs-xxl… most sledders are not as pint size as me though. The other thing I think they did right was that the overlapping on the full side zip is bomber and tough and will prevent anything from getting in, awesome job!

The Jacket feels nice and the venting, powder skirt and hand covers are all designed well. I love this jacket and pant combo since it feels lightweight, has a 3 ply bomber system, vents easy and looks good. My only beef is the small is big and I am small.

The Helium 50 Jacket and Pants is much different from the Helium 30 System. I thought when I first saw them that the 50 would just have a better, thicker waterproof  system but the 50 Jacket and Pants is remarkably tougher and stiffer. In fact this initially made me want the 30 system more. But for all those big burley guys out there that trash on their gear, you will love the Helium 50 system because it is made for abuse. It is also hard for me since I have not ridden in either yet but the 50 might get more pliable and comfy with time. The pants again or designed well, have a full zip down each side and the all zippers are the waterproof kind.

The jacket is the same, tough! It feels tough, is tough and makes a guy like me even look tough! Again the same nice workmanship is there like the 30 but it just feels like you could be run over by a sled and come out on the other side looking fine. Again I have to complain about the sizing. The 50 System small was even bigger than the small in the 30 Jacket and Pants…well you can decide by the photos.

Overall I am impressed with Ski-Doo’s Helium line up and despite the sizing issue for me I love the look, the feel and the overall durability that these garments have. I still do love the colours that the ski/snowboard garment companies put out but Ski-Doo has the new M-Code Series coming out soon which covers that base as well. Most sledders are not into fancy colours since they show wear and dirt sooner so they will love the two options they have with the Helium Series. I suggest you hit up your local dealer to check them out and decide for yourself. I will be back during the season to let you know how they are holding up and if my initial observations have changed. Keep’r pinned!

Dave Norona is a member of Ski-Doo’s Freeride Team and before that spent the last 20 years racing in adventures around the world as a professional athlete from skiing to mountain biking, paddling to dirt biking in over 400 races with over 100 victories.


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