The Bombardier Can-Am Commander XT

by noronaadmin

I have never been a really big ATV guy, especially since I moto so much however when I heard Bombardier was coming out with a new side by side and it was going to “Revolutionize” the current category, my ears perked up!

This past week I was in at Greater Vancouver PowerSports Open House and there on the floor was the 2011 Commander XT. Just looking at this thing makes you want to drop the coin and blast it right out of the showroom!

So Mike offered me a little test ride and of course I am just not a “no” person so off we went up to a little test track near the shop…as you can tell I had a sweet time.

These are a blast Period! May not be everyones cup o tea but they are a world of fun and I will have one one day!


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