Maui Kite Surfing & More!

by noronaadmin

Well as we enjoy our last few days in Maui it is time to look back on a sweet month of frolicking in the waves, sun and surf. Maui is an awesome place this time of year and we have taken full advantage of this incredible place.

Kim Duess and Dave Norona in Maui

Kim and Dave in Maui

From Road Biking, Stand Up Surfing, Snorkelling, Running on the Beach and Kiting we have just has an amazing time. It has been great to hang with amazing friends and enjoy some great restaurants as well!

Now we get to head home to the chilly weather!

However it is not all bad as the snow has been falling and the weather has been cold so it is “GAME ON”, for sledding and skiing. Until next time Maui! Thanks!!


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