Maui Time!

by noronaadmin

Each year Kim and I escape the cold rain of North Vancouver and head to Paia, Maui to kite surf, snorkel, surf and enjoy life! We love it here and there are also so many of our friends here that it is the perfect home away from home!

The Kite Surfing here is awesome and thanks to Airtime Board Sports, North Kites and Dakine we have the best gear for the high wind and big waves of Maui’s North Shore. The new North Rebel Kites are my favourite kites so far and both Kim and I have a blast out on the water surviving the big waves and dodging the many sea turtles that pop up every now and again.

We also do lots of stand up paddling over on in Lahaina with are awesome friends Ingrid and Greg. They love Lahaina since they road bike a lot and surf so when we want to escape the wind we join them.

This trip we have done some fun hikes as well as snorkel. The hiking can be challenging due to the high heat inland but we always seem to find waterfalls that ease the pain and heat!

Below is a fun snorkel day where I found some awesome turtles to swim with…Aloha!


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