Cypress Playground!

by noronaadmin

We are so lucky to live in such an amazing city like Vancouver! I grew up here and still remember the first time I visited Cypress Mountain. It was in Grade 6 when our school made the long bus ride up to Cypress Cross Country Ski area to learn how to cross country ski.

I loved those sessions and who knew that it would lead me down a road of spending 15 years travelling the globe and racing on Cross Country Skis!

These days, however, I spend most of my winter ski touring or skiing off snowmobiles. When the weather hits the coast like it has this winter, I spend numerous days touring up the Hollyburn Mountain Tree Stashes.

This little gem, just before the Cypress Mountain Downhill Area, is so incredible and on any weekday morning you can start touring up at 7 am. This ensures you get a couple of 1500 vertical runs in before Cypress Downhill area even opens!

This morning Kim and I awoke to 25 cms at the Cypress Ski area.  We hit the Hollyburn Trees just a little after 7 am and had a beautiful tour up. I was running some 2011/12 Genuine Guide Gear Skis that were 116mm underfoot. These bad boys are a little more than most touring skis but what goes up must come down and on the down, they rule!

The snow was breathtakingly beautiful and on the return trip we enjoyed sweet powder all the way back to the car. Just in time for the opening of the Cypress Downhill area!

Cypress is a wicked resort and last year hosted the 2010 Olympics and everything is first class. The high-speed chairs whisked us up to the sweet powder runs of Moons, and onto Sky Chair where we dropped into Top Gun, one of our favorite runs. The snow was magical and soon we had to take a break, so we made our way into Cypress Mountains amazing resort like restaurant the Crazy Raven Bar & Grill for some awesome lunch.

If you haven’t been up this year to Cypress then come on up and check it out. There is tons of snow and the downhill, cross country and snowshoe areas are in perfect shape! Come join in the fun!

Dave Norona
Norona Life

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