Sweet Turns at WhiteCap Alpine

by noronaadmin

Life is all about Adventure. I hope you get out and find different adventures every day! They don’ have to be big or better than the last one but they do have to test you in some way so that you improve on yourself. Life is not about being better than others it is about being better than you were yesterday!

This past week I spent 4 days with some amazing friends in the backcountry of the South Chilcotens at WhiteCap Alpine-McGillivary Lodge.

This amazing place is owned by Lars Andrews and his family and Lars has been skiing in this area since he was a little gromet. It is safe to say that he knows his way around. Lars is a full mountain guide, heli guide and ski guide and all around a wicked person.

The day we flew in was amazing and after settling in we headed out to explore this amazing terrain first hand. After a 1000 foot ski rour up we were rewared with the most awesome powder turns. Everyone was hooting as we reached the bottom ready for another climb and more skiing.

Soon we were back at the lodge and Kinley the amazing chef greeted us with incredible appetizers and then a full salmon dinner. We were in heaven.

Over the next three days we toured, skied awesome steep powder runs, laughed, ate and enjoyed new found friendships. It seems we only do this a little in life and it is my mission to remind everyone that we need to do more of these kind of adventures…after all your not going to remember how much time you worked, how much money you made when your ready to leave this world, however you will remember those awesome moments you experienced with your incredible friends and family!

Get out and enjoy life!!

Dave Norona
Norona Life

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