Team Building with North Shore Athletics

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It is interesting now that so many companies are keen on team building exercises for their work force. I mean it is a great idea and I love doing it but most companies have no idea on how to tackle the issues of team building.

It is not their fault but more the understanding around teamwork. I mean lets face it, ever since we were little kids we have been taught that if you finish first, be better, or be smarter than others than you will go further. It happens all through life, in fact life seems almost designed that way. It is one of the reasons why we have so much trouble in the world. I mean only one person can win…what about everyone else.

Learning to work together is not so much about learning it, but more about unlearning selfish behaviour. The selfish behaviour that we have been encouraged are whole life by our parents, teachers and bosses!

This friday night I had the privilege to put on a Team Building event for North Shore Athletics. Now these people actually do know how to work together well since they put on amazing races, events and clinics for others to enjoy. They see, encourage and create people who have never run before, show up at their clinics or races and turn into amazing athletes who go on to inspire others…it is cool.

However we can always learn more and it was awesome to bring them up to Grouse Mountain and into the snow to incorporate my “Crisis in the Work Place” workshop.

What can I say, this group did pretty poorly on the first go around and truthfully this is what I expect and want. By the second go they halved their time and improved on skills and they consistently improved right on to the end of the night.

For me it is always cool to watch a company go from being individuals chasing their own dreams to an organization working together for the good of everyone…and everyone wins when that happens.

We had an amazing dinner with drinks and awesome company in Altitudes Bistro over looking our amazing city from Grouse Mountain. Wicked!

Dave Norona
Norona Life

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