OMG! Trials Riding is DA Bomb!

by noronaadmin

I have wanted to get a trials bike ever since I threw a leg over one about four years ago at Belcarra Park after my good friend Ted asked Kim and I to come out. Only a few months later I was back out at Ioco with Bob Clark who lent us newer trials bikes so that we could do an event. It was also wicked!

Fast forward to the summer of 2011 and after watching a few friends slay wicked terrain on their new trials bikes, I just had to take the plunge. Lucky for me, Ted was now selling one of his 2008 Sherco’s. I jumped at the chance and recently headed out for my first ride!

Anthony picked me up at 9 am in North Vancouver, we were heading to the town of Britannia some 33 minutes up the Sea 2 Sky corridor. It was sunny and warm and I was grinning from ear to ear. I had heard about the trials riding at Britannia and more so from mountain bikers who began poaching the Trials Trail known as Disneyland against Trials Riders wished some 10 years ago.

Anthony took me to an easier place first and the moment I hit the upward bound technical trail I was hooked. Trials bikes are quiet, are nimble and will go up anything thanks to their lightweight and 4 psi in the rear tire. They don’t skid or burn out so they are welcome anywhere which makes them the perfect adventure weapon!

After playing in a cool zone we made our way back to the car for a snack and up off to a cabin built up in the mountains towards Goat Ridge. The trails here are old but you would never know it from the sweet loam! Before long we were at this wicked cabin! Trials riders are a special breed, they do things differently and this cabin was awesome, complete with stove, and bunks, I definitely thought about moving up there!

Well my first day out exploring was amazing, thanks to Anthony for showing me the goods and a special thanks to Ted, another addiction to get excited about. And a special thanks to Bob and Janice Clark! If your looking to get into trials then go visit their shop Mountain Motorcycle and discover everything Trials!


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