The Perfect Weapon!

by noronaadmin

Last January Kim and I were enjoying an amazing winter day on Brohm Ridge! This is our winter paradise and on that day the sun was out and there was 2 feet of beautiful powder! The day was perfect until I lost my go pro camera and the footage in it. We dug through the powder but it was futile, I knew it was gone!

Although gone I knew I could get it back come spring when the snow started to melt. Well spring came with even more snow and I knew my plans for retrieval were going to have to wait.

Sunday August 28th I loaded up my new trials bike, runners and snow shoes and headed up to Brohm Ridge. There was still lots of snow up top but I was surprised that most of it had vanished and I made it right to the alpine. I knew the area where I had lost my camera and it was down a big gully. As I crested the first bowl I was amazed to see that although lot of snow still existed I could skirt around and make it down on my trials…perfect!

I used islands of land scattered throughout the land to work my way down and soon I was within 100 feet of the area I thought my camera was in. I parked my bike and dropped in by foot. I was shocked to see how different this land looked without any snow and thought for a moment that there was no way I would find my camera.

First I located a nice gatorade bottle that had no even been opened…it was hot so I cracked it…delicious. I searched for about 20 minutes when all of a sudden there it was, my camera, mission accomplished. I spent another hour cruising through the meadows and then down the road to enjoy lunch overlooking Squamish and met up with Tony, a good friend of mine, who was pumped to see I had a trials bike and he began to show and tell me of all the areas that there were sweet epic adventures to be had! I was grinning from ear to ear!

Here is some of the photos!

Bring it all on!!! little D


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