McNutt – Blue Mountain, BC

Trails – These trails are super technical. It is wet, rooty, and steep. This is often called the hardest place in BC. So be prepared, take your time and enjoy the ride!

Fun Factor – If you are a good intermediate rider and like tight, tough riding then you will love McNutt. It is a full body work out here that will definitely put a smile on your wasted face.

Head East off the Lougheed Highway onto Dewdney Trunk Road . At 256th St. turn left. Drive north on 256th, past the Sawdust Shack Cafe, until you come to the end of the pavement where there is a closed gate. This gate has been closed due to all the partygoers and people who dump trash on the side of the gravel road. You can park along the paved road, unload your bikes and head around the gate and along the road. You will pass the old open parking lot area on your left and then the road will swing right up a small hill and then turn left (800 meters in total). At this point look for the entrance to the trailhead called Sandman.

Please use common sense when unloading your bikes and resist the temptation to burnout on the road or to use the gravel pits on either side of the road. These areas are privately owned and the whole McNutt Area is under a watchful eye by people who want the access shut down. Don’t give them any fuel for their fire. Please carry out all trash and remind others to do the same. The Blue Mountain Club who works with the local government and forestry has put in hundreds of hours maintaining and fighting for the continued use of these trails help them by using proper etiquette. Don’t ruin it for everyone. The Blue Mountain Club is currently trying to get a staging area on 256th so please help them by join the club and keeping low rpms until you get into the trails. For more info click here

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