Injury Free Karma Man goes Live!

by noronaadmin

I have been proud to work with the Injury Prevention Center since 1993 doing presentations in schools throughout BC, teaching kids to get outside and push their limits but also turning the risks they take everyday into calculated risks, thus staying injury free!

Mary-Ellen Lower has been my guiding light ever since the beginning and has allowed me to spread my wings and develop new programs within the guidelines to suit my specific style. Diane Mazzei at the center has also been a tremendous help to me by booking me into a number of presentations each year and keeping all things in oder.

The BC Injury Prevention Center reaches a large number of kids and young adults each year through their amazing speakers that go into school and share their passions, through their amazing web site which sees a huge amount of hits from all over the world and their cool commercials. Years ago we made a cool commercial off my Iditasport Impossible 1800km journey and now here is the latest one featuring me the Injury Free Karma Man!

A Big THANK YOU goes out to the Injury Prevention Center and all of my amazing sponsors that allow me to get out there each and every day and spread the vibe of getting outside and being active to everyone, young and old!

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