Ahhh…Single Track

by noronaadmin

Well the Sunshine Coast has come and gone and what an epic two days. It is hard to summarize all of what these amazing athletes have accomplished and seen over the last 5 days of the BC Bike Race let alone the epic single track that they have used to travel between some of the West Coast’s awesome trail systems. All I can say is people are having fun and enjoying the ride.


I love the Sunshine Coast and I am reminded of it each time we visit. Thanks to Rod Campasano and his amazing crews and trail builders for letting us in our their secret trails that are just incredible!!! We can’t wait to come back.

The race started off today through the town of Sechelt and up into one of the largest gravel pits in Canada before diving into the bush for 60km of prisitine single track. This course is always a little bit of a leg burner and today all the athletes were suffering a bit however they did not complain much as they are now use to the daily life of being a multi-day racer and the scenery was much to nice to complain. At the end they were rewarded with some epic downhill fun stuff that left some of the racers commenting, “that was the sweetest bit of riding I have ever done!” although they are right there is still Squamish and Whistler to come!!!


I will be there tomorrow so I will fill you in on the juicy details then!

Cheers Dave


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