Day Four…Sunshine on the Sunshine Coast!

by noronaadmin

Well the racers are over the hump. Day 4 started off under amazing sunny skies and it was Canada Day so the celebrations should go well into the wee hours of the night!

The Racers arrived early in the morning over two ferries that brought them to Earl’s Cove and the Beautiful Sunshine Coast. This awesome place is a weekend get-a-way for most Vancouverites looking for some time on the bike away from the city. Racers were treated to some of the most awesome but tough single track as they snaked their way 68 km to the finish line.


Rod Campasolo promised the day would spank riders and that it did. Even Chris Sheppard cracked, losing 40 seconds to Chris Sneddon and Barry Wicks who took their second overall stage win. Shamus McGrath and Sheppard still hold onto the overall title though.

In the women’s race the Team Luna of Catherine Pendral and Katarina Nash are forging on with some awesome performances. They look smooth and are riding extremely fast but we expect nothing less.

Everyone in the field is all smiles at the end of the day after slogging through the relentless climbs and narrow bridges over some of the sweetest single track surrounded by the greenest fern and moss. The dirt track literally looks like a ribbon of dark dirt carving through a green landscape! Love it!


My day was epic on the moto helping Moto Bruce Spicer at the back to encourage racers to push through to the finish line and they did with big smiles on their faces! It is a great thing to come from 20 years of racing to be on the other side watching racers push their limits and discover their dreams!

Norona Out….

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