Fun in the Sun!!

by noronaadmin


Last weekend started out pretty awesome with the weather and I spent the day MCing the North Shore Knee Knacker Trail Run, which is a 30 mile ultra trail run from Horseshoe Bay to Deep Cove over the Baden Powell Trail. I placed third twice before in this epic race in 92′ & 93′ and was honored that they asked me to MC the event. It was a super nice day and here I am with the top three. To my right is Aaron Height who set a new course record at 4:39:52 and on my left is my good friend Peter Finley who owned the record and has won the race the most. He is also over 50 and rocks!


It was then off to Vancouver Island to take part in the Rock City Rumble, also know as Norm and Carey’s Birthday party where we played 8 hours of epic paintball in Justin Mark’s parents 18 acre backyard. It was a full on day with tons of awesome athletes running through the bush shooting the crap out of each other. More than a few times I had to scream mercy in a hail of bullets. Awesome!




After an awesome day, I made my  way to Nitinaht Lake where the wind was cranking. I have started to backroll and jump so I am pretty stoked! Kim joined me a few days later and, for those of you who did not know, she had ACL surgery just 2 and half months ago. With her amazing recovery her surgeon, the legend Dr. McConkey, said she could kite surf with a surf board without straps. I was so amazed as I launched her and she tore up the lake on her surf board!!! She is awesome. Summer keeps on getting better and I hope it is for you too!



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