The Grand Finale!

by noronaadmin

Day Seven of the BC Bike Race started of under very hot sunny skies. The riders did not have a chance to let their hair down just yet as Grant Lamont had designed one sweet ass course that would have most of the pack crying for their mommy!


The course started off on a medium grade road but quickly turn steeper. Seamus Mcgrath and Chris Sheppard used the opportunity to tighten the strings and dropped everyone. They were also the only ones to ride the steep hills that lead onto the dirt. These guys were motivated and by the end of the 30 km day they would be across the line by 10 minutes!!!


The rest of the pack hammered as hard as they could after 6 days in their legs of epic single track. As I watched they all did amazing. I was on the electric dirt bike from Zero Motorcycles and surprised lots of riders as I eased by with zero sound or emissions. This bike is a great way to get up close and personal with the riders and not bother them at all. If you want to find out more about the bike check it out here Dave Moto

At the top of the climb temperatures touched the mid 30’s and people were melting in the trees. The track turned down through some fast tight corned switchbacks before it hit the far end of the loop and some of the most awesome single track. It was easy, fast and furious and it was great to tear it up right on the wheels of races. There were also lots of water features that cooled off the riders as they pedaled by.


A few more jammers and then they were spit out at the finish line for the very last time and as they smiled BC Bike Race President Dean Payne asked them to remove their helmets so he could personally thank them and place the BC Bike Race coveted medal ( that also works as a belt buckle) around their necks. Their smiles were huge!

It was then onto the barbeque on the patio of Dusty’s for some burgers and beer!


Personally I want to thank every rider for coming this year. You are all an inspiration to your families, your work friends and especially us. We watched as many of you fought through adversity and came out on the other end better for the challenge.

I hope you all go home and digest what you have done over the next weeks and then send us an e-mail on the areas that we can improve on. I am sure their are things we missed or could have done better. I always say life is what you make of it and each and everyone of us is responsible for our own fun. We can’t make you have a good time so think about the best and most feasible way we can make your experience in 2010 and beyond better because really that is what every volunteer, team member and community wants for each and everyone of you.

Thanks to all who were out on course each day with smiles and happy words towards me and helped me keep all the people at home up to date on your awesome days in the saddle. I enjoyed it tremendously. Dave

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