We now interrupt this program…for some fun!

by noronaadmin

The BC Bike Race is half over with an awesome Day 4 yesterday (video below) and so with some time to kill this morning I thought I would take a little time out to show you one of my first vids with an unusual tool-The Aqua Skipper!

Yes this was last summer and this thing really rips. I got it to go head to head with the surf skis and K-1 I use to race however this thing is a lot of work to propel especially for a long distance. If I slur my words a bit…well its because…yes I have a few cold ones in me.

Well it is back to the Grind Stone of which is BC Bike Race, today Rod and his team have designed a killer route to Langdale via some of the sweetest trails in mountain biking, your either doing them today in the race or some other time if you visit this jewel of an area or in mountain bike heaven, but it is way better in real life! Enjoy the ride…little D

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