BC Bike Race Goes to Powell River

by noronaadmin


Well for those of you who did not know this past summer I filmed and produced daily movies for the BC Bike Race. These were posted all over the web and had a huge amount of people watching each day from all over the world.


It was so popular that the BC Bike Race and the fans demanded more and so for the last month I have been travelling to all the BC Bike Race towns and capturing the 2010 course, the race directors and all things new to give riders an idea of what to expect for 2010.



It is all about showcasing the fantastic course as well as letting all the riders know the little secrets that will help them out come next year when they arrive at the starting line.


This past Monday Andreas Hestler, Dave Silver and I met up with Rod Camposano and Wayner Brewer and Mark in Powell River to see the newest day in the BC Bike Race. Day three will now be held right from the BC Ferries landing and take riders on an epic, fun filled single track epic through the lush forests of Powell River.


We had an amazing day starting out with me being allowed up to the Bridge of the Ferry and yes I was even allowed to drive it for a while! Then imagine my shagrin when the captain pointed out a humpback whale in the distance. That was definitely a highlight of the day.


We then arrived and did and amazing ride followed by awesome food and beers before our trip home. We all slept well that night and for those of you thinking about doing the BC Bike Race 2010, quit stalling and get in your registration, it is going to be epic!!!


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