First Day on the Slopes!

by noronaadmin


Well being back from Maui has been a real shock. After spending the month Kite Surfing in Maui you really get use to the beautiful weather, warm water and easy lifestyle. However I am glad we are back and the ski season is in full swing, well sort of!


Today we made our way up to one of our favourite mountains Grouse Mountain. We usually wait till it dumps 12-20 cm as it is the best place on earth when that happens, especially during the week when most are at work and we can track 10,000 feet of pure steep powder terrain in just under 2 hours. It is the perfect set up.


Today though we made our way up to enjoy the beautiful sunny weather and also as Kim just had ACL surgery only 6 1/2 months ago and her DR. told her to spend some time on the groomers to get her knee strong. Kim is one smart cookie and I will tell you that she is skiing better than ever. Of course she has been kiting, hiking and riding almost everyday for a month so she is strong but skiing does put a lot of stress on the knees.


I am super proud of her and it was awesome to rip it up with her on the slopes and enjoy the sweet weather on one of our favourite mountains. I also got to run my new Genuine Guide Gear Zest Skis with the new Onyx Binding. I tested these skis and bindings out last year but the production models are amazing. The brakes on my new Onyx Bindings also worked flawlessly and I am excited to push these through the seasons every changing conditions. Thanks to the whole crew at G3!!!



You may also notice my fancy wallpaper designed by Columbia Sportswear. The gear is feeling light, warm and wicked! I have a few of these wild suits and I will be running them all winter! If your looking for some early season groomers, get up to Grouse and rip it!

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