Heated Jackets!!!??? Mountain Hardwear Awesomeness!!!

by noronaadmin


What will they think of next?

The New Refugium ( Mens) and Radiance (Womens) Jackets from Mountain Hardwear start out as regular Mountain Hardwear Jackets. They are bombproof, super comfy and techy.


Where they leave everyone else in the dust is the Ardica Heating System Interface which is right in the jacket. You know how awesome heated seats are in a car, imagine having that feeling where ever you go in the mountains!


The Ardica System is as simple as placing the neoprene battery into the jacket and charging it up. The system takes about 3 hours to charge fully and then you have 8 hours of heat at the low setting and around 3 hours at the high setting. I find the medium setting perfect and remember you don’t need it all the time and even when it is shut off your a still nice and toasty warm.


The system will also charge ipods, cameras and other devises while your out an about. Amazing!

I am looking forward to using this jacket while snowmobiling, backcountry and front country skiing and just about every other place I go. If your looking for the ultimate warm jacket this winter then check out this product. It will blow your socks off.


Remember to also check out the new Buga Thermo Boots from Columbia!


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