The Yeti Snow Shoe Clinics and Races

by noronaadmin

I can’t remember how long the Yeti SnowShoe Series has been running but it has been a while and it has set the standard around the world for a wicked, fun and challenging race series.

The Yeti also runs clinics every Thursday Night on Mount Seymour and offers everything from Hiking to Jogging to full on Hammer Sessions!

This year due to the Olympics happening in our own back yard there are only two Yeti Events. Mount Washington on January 30th 2010 and The World SnowShoe Invitational where top competitors from around the world will tackle a challenging 10km undulating course on their way to the finish line. Come out and participate!

Atlas SnowShoes

Grouse Mountain

Cypress Mountain

Seymour Mountain


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