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One of my favorite sports is cross country skiing. I raced for 13 years through BC, Alberta, Greenland, and Europe. I even cross country skied across the full 1800km Iditarod trail in Alaska I love it so much. That was an epic trip!

Cross Country Skiing is also one of the best cross training sports for runners, triathletes and cyclists. The secret though is to start off easy and learn the proper technique and then use smart training principles to become efficient. This way you will get fitter and faster and get all the benefits out of this awesome sport.

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There are two disciplines to Cross Country Skiing, Classic and Skating. Classic is where you use the track and looks like a smooth elongated running style. Skating is as it sound, you skate with your legs and use different poling techniques to propel you forward. Both are awesome but require different boots, poles and skis.

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Skating equipment is build like downhill skis. There is a full camber in the ski and it is roughly 10 cm shorter than a classic ski. The boots go higher up your leg and give you more lateral and under foot stiffness for the proper style. The poles are also longer. Salomon Leads the way in the development in boots and bindings and also makes amazing skis. Definitely check them out at your local shop.

Classic skis have a camber just in the middle so the wax or fish scales are in the air under glide and are pushed down with your weight as you need the grip to kick forward. The boots are lower cut and flex more under foot. The skis are also 10 cm longer than skate skis and the poles are roughly 10 cm shorter. Again Salomon leads the way in the technology for boots and bindings so make sure you slip them on your feet.

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For this reason I strongly advise people to stay away from combi gear that is designed for both. This gear will become useless as you improve in either skating or classic. if you don’t have the budget then learn skating first, it is easier to pick up and faster to learn for new skiers. Once you get it you can learn and buy a set of classic gear as both disciplines compliment each other.

Cypress Mountain Cross Country also has an awesome trail system and it is lite up at night. For Vancouverites it is the ultimate place to learn, train and get out for some fun fitness skis. Cypress Mountain also has a full spectrum of lessons and clinics so immerse yourself in them and learn to skate or classic in just a few lessons. They also have all the gear to rent so there is no reason not to start. Check it all out at Cypress Mountain Cross Country!!

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Sigge’s Sport Villa on 4th avenue have been in the business the longest and they will help you get everything you need and have great packages. You might spend a little more than over the internet but if you have a problem they will solve it and cross country ski gear is one thing I would advise against purchasing over the internet unless you know exactly what you want.

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There are tons of places to ski close to the lower mainland and Sigge’s has buses to Manning Park and the Callaghan Valley which are loads of fun!

Also for all things Cross Country check out the BC Nordic web site. This is your one stop spot for everything Cross Country. Now Get Out There and have fun!!!


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