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Well I arrived in Florida last night with Dan Treadway. We met up on the way and he is a super nice guy and of course you all know him as a ripper on and off the sled! The reason I am here is I was chosen as one of the 4 finalists for the ultimate rider promo that ski-doo has been running for the last month. Four of us were flown to Florida to attend the meetings and reveal the 2011 Ski-Doo Sleds….



Okay I know I am a lucky guy but man the adrenalin just went up as I walked into the most beautiful show room littered with the latest 2011 Ski-Doo Snowmobiles and gear. Yeah I was running around there like a kid in a candy store! Lets get started!


First of all the most important thing…the mountain sled x model. Next year it gets the 800 e-tech engine which is sic! More power, more fuel efficient and just all around better. The intakes are also new and are on the left and right side and higher up so looks like no more deep snow bogging problems…




Secondly it gets a narrower stance at 36 inches narrow and 38 inches wide. 2010 was 38 & 40. This thing will sidehill and carve like a dream, in my opinion they were awesome before so I can’t wait to throw a leg over this 2011. The A-Arms are also redone and have a raised top which you can stand on as it has cleats for grip.


Thirdly the skis are all new and they look rad. They are supposed to float better and the design also helps while carving and turning under speed. The 6.9’s can plow and these are designed not to.



The tack is the same as last year except the middle holes have been left solid for better float and so not as much snow gets into the track. The tunnel is black and the sled looks Amazing!



The next sled which is all new is the Freeride. This sled will have piggy back shocks, high rise bars and all heat and light functions are off the bar and on the console. The Freeride has a wider stance at 41 narrow and 43 wide which is better for you guys who spend a lot of time in the air but not sure I would be into it for carving. We will have to see…it comes in white and will be a spring order only and is available with 10 different wraps. Some cool ones, really cool.

Ski-Doo has also done an amazing job with new accessories and clothing. The clothing is lighter weight and follows the trend of good ski and snowboard gear. The new boots also look wicked!


Well here are a few more shots from the show….enjoy!


Above is the summit everest which gets the narrower stance but uses the same 6.9 skis as 2010.


Here is the summit loaded with some accessories. The vented doors are nice but expensive.

Get ready for the ultimate Tundra, very xp looking and the whole front end is solid to act as a ski so it will float awesome and the back end of the track swivels up so you can back up even in the deep powder. Very cool!


Renegade looks wicked too…


Here is the 1200 trail sled. This is a beast but if I lived in the flat lands I’d have one….

Well there you have it. I am no mechanic or dialed on all the proper terms but hopefully this has given you some cool insight on the rad stuff for 2011.


Wish me good luck in the contest!



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