Get Out on the Water!

by noronaadmin

Kite Surfing is one super fun sport and one that many people love to watch and want to try but somehow feel a little intimidated to try. Below is a little info about this awesome sport and how you can easily get involved!

Kite Surfing is actually an easy and fun sport to do once you have the basics, however, getting those basics down is the challenging part. The number one way to learn to kite safely and while having fun is to take lessons!

Elevation Kite Boarding is at Nitinaht Lake all summer long and has the best kite lessons going anywhere in the Pacific North West. They are IKO certified and teach using state of the art jet skis and boats so you are never in harm’s way.

Where you learn is also important and I tell people that they will learn 3 times as much in just one day on the water at Nitinaht Lake. This is due to the fact that the wind is not gusty but rather a perfect hair dryer at 20 knots. This makes it ideal for learning.

The third reason Elevation is so good is that they use top of the line North Kites and gear. North makes the best kiting gear on the planet and you will learn faster and have more fun learning on new gear. It also helps as after your lessons you know exactly what gear to get specific to you.

Airtime Boardsports is the only kiting/windsurfing shop in Vancouver and Philippe will set you up with the best package to suit your needs wherever you are planning to kite.

Kite Surfing is also a great sport to learn with your wife, girlfriend etc. because you can learn together and help one another as you learn to kite upwind.

I say it is the perfect summer sport, so give it a try!

Dave Norona

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