Braap! Bear Creek Kelowna, BC

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As the rain settles in on the Coast it is time to head inland to the interior of BC where it is drier, and usually sunny! This past weekend we made our way to Kelowna and the awesome riding area of Bear Creek.

Kim Duess and Dave Norona Dirtbiking at Bear Creek

Kim and I Dirtbiking at Bear Creek

This area received some awesome funding last year and it has been put to hard work with hundreds of volunteer hours put into the trails. There are ATV trails and Swoopy dirt bike single track that snakes its way through the area.

Steve Klassen, Kim Duess and myself had an awesome three days ripping it up with absolutely no one around!

Dirt biking is so much fun and you get so far out there that you just feel so far away from civilization, that is what I love about this sport! My Yamaha YZF 250 is the perfect bike for the trails and it is so light and nimble; I just love it!

Each night we have a huge fire and cook fresh organic hamburgers or this time on Saturday Night Steve created an awesome meal with fennel, whole peppers, sausages, and potatoes all cooked together in a big pot. It was awesome!!!

If you’re keen on checking out Bear Creek or any other moto area then check out my moto site at!

Get Out There!

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