Hitting the Grouse Grind and Rasing Money for Children’s Hospital!

by noronaadmin

Most people have heard of the Grouse Grind! It is a fantastic hike fromĀ  the Grouse Mountain parking lot to the beautiful sub alpine ski area in 2.9km of straight uphillness! It is a great hike to get out in the evenings or mornings before work, to take new hikers out, as well as a great way to stay in shape without destroying your knees due to the fact that you can take the Grouse Mountain tram down after a few beers at the top!! Awesome!!!

I love Grouse as well as the hike that leads up to the peak. However most know I never am on the grind but I use the lesser traveled, yes illegal, trails that meander up the the west side in the watershed(don’t worry I don’t pee in the water)! These are steeper, involve some wicked rock scrambling and generally are way more fun and dangerous! I also never see anyone on these hikes unlike the grind which has a mass of people on it!

For the last 3 years I have turned my grouse Grinds into raising money for the Children’s Hospital through Grind for Kids. This way I have fun and help others. I plan to hike 20 Grinds for Kids. Some of you know I could do this many in 2 days however since I am dirt biking, kiting, mountain biking, trials riding, paddling, running and generally having way too much fun, 20 grinds is where I lay so people can actually help me raise some money without feeling like I may do 500 hundred and they go broke!

I know many of you already donate money to charities, help and volunteer your time so the last thing I want to do is part you with your hard earned dollars, however I know there are many out there that think norona is washed up and can’t possibly climb the grind any more since he is lazy and rides a dirt bike or a sled or anything else motorized. For these people I say, well lets just see. Make a per grind donation or one lump sum and see if I can put them down.

You can donate to the Children’s Hospital through me here! And if you do thanks, all the money goes to helping kids, who are in real fights for their health!!

I want to personally thank all my sponsors for helping out especially Columbia Sportswear!!! Hope your having a great summer!! little D


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