Kite Surfing in La Ventana, Baja!!!

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La  Ventana Life!!!

Kim gets ready for a La Ventana Down Winder to Baja Joe's!

As I sit and write this, the afternoon sun is going into hiding for the evening and the wind is barley a breeze. It is a beautiful time of day here in La Ventana, your body adrenalin is still humming from an epic day on the water and you feel relaxed and energized at the same time, its time for dinner and drinks!

One of our favorite Restaurants, Coyo's, right beside Baja Joe's

Life in the Baja is easy for those of us who choose this awesome lifestyle of leaving our rainy and cold homes of the North for the hot, brighter and windier days down here. Kim and I have been coming to Baja for 6 years for the month of November, which at home is usually filled with rain, rain and more rain, the snow has not yet filled in and so La Ventana is the place to be!

Downwinder anyone?

We choose La Ventana purely because our friends, Mark and Marie from Elevation Kite Boarding, suggested it to us! Since then we have hit many different places around the world to kite surf however this is by far our favorite place due to the chilled atmosphere and beautiful beaches and great people!

Baja Joe's and the Beach...Heaven on Earth!

Marc and Marie basically run Baja Joe’s which is a must stay for anyone heading down. It is the one place in town where you are guaranteed to meet some friendly people who have come from all different parts of the world to enjoy the same thing you are there for, so it just plain works!

Enough Said!

Baja Joe’s offers everything from inexpensive bunk rooms to awesome private rooms with your own view of the Sea of Cortez. There are two kitchens that are fully stocked with anything you need and each night there is usually a group of people cooking awesome dishes from which to share!

Joe's Garage is where the after kiting action is!!!

Now in its second year is the awesome Bar and Longe area! This is the best après area in the whole of La Ventana and each week there are bar specials, good food and always-happy people! It is also the only place you will find micro brewed beer from Baja Brewing!

Here is where Mark or Johnny will dial you in a fresh Cap!!!

Mark has also created an awesome store and coffee bar for those with the morning ritual of delicious drinks! Smoothie’s, treats, and internet ensure this is where you will find most people each morning.

The Store has all the best Kite Gear at Great Price's!!!

The Kite store could rival any of the best in North America and is fully stocked with the best North Kites and boards along with Dakine, Mystic, and tons of other great brands! If you need something, they probably have it here. It is also a place to get your kites repaired! It closes at noon, just as the wind is coming up!

The Kiting here is to die for!!!

Now, the reason you are here, THE WIND! The wind in La Ventana is silky smooth and the giant bay and warm water ensure that it is safe even for the very beginner kite surfer. In fact, when friends ask the two number one places I recommend to learn is Nitinaht Lake on Vancouver Island and or La Ventana! It just so happens that this is exactly where Elevation Kite Boarding runs their business out of in the summer(Nitinaht) and winter(La Ventana)

Insert yourself HERE!!

Marie and here awesome staff of Robbie, Lucy, Hamish and others will have you up and riding in as little as two days and safely! They are all IKO trained and have spent many years in the sports and teaching. You will not find better instructors anywhere!

They also teach on the newest and best gear on the market from North Kites! The Rebel is notoriously known around the world as the safest, easiest and most fun kite to fly! It is the reason why most students after taking lessons head into the store for a package deal of all North gear! If you’re looking to try kite boarding then get in touch with Elevation Kite Boarding!

The Organic Market comes to town every Thursday and Sunday!

After kiting you are going to be hungry and La Ventana has a ton of great places to eat, from little taco stands to Coyou’s, our personal favorite, for any budget and they are all safe and delicious!

The Mountain Biking is Awesome Too!!

The wind does occasionally shut down here, which allows your body to rest or check out some of the other things around the Baja. Los Barilos, Cabo San Lucas, Toto Santos and La Paz are all great day trips that will give you a great adventure! Toto Santos is one of our favorites and is also a great place to surf! There is mountain biking, snorkeling, scuba, or just sitting on the beach with some cervasa’s with friends to keep you busy!!!

A La Ventana Staple!!

So why have you not booked a trip to La Ventana? Cheap flights from Westjet, Air Canada both direct or Alaska through LA to either La Paz or Cabo, great accommodation’s and food, and a state of the art teaching facility, store and Bar! What more incentive do you need! The wind is great from November to March and you will see more Canadians down here than raindrops at home! Have fun and safe travels!! dave

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