Powder Turns on Cypress Mountain!!

by noronaadmin

Killer Pow on Cypress Mountain!!

I love waking up early and hearing the torrential downpour outside my bedroom window, it only means one thing, Powder on the Local Mountains!!!

The Drive to Cypress in the Morning gets your Heart Racing!!!

A quick shake and my partner in crime Kim is ready to go! Boots, skis, some grub and we are off! The best part about Cypress is not the awesome terrain or amount of it, but rather how close it is to our house. Fifteen minutes and we are there!!!

Kim with her sweet ticket to RIDE!!!

The drive up is always exciting as we get to see how low the snow line is. Today though there is no snow line or rather it is at our house in North Van! Its gonna be good!


As we arrive the parking areas are covered with snow, we quickly dress up and head off through the ticket checker and right onto the lift at 9am sharp! Everyone is smiling, well except the guy who’s job it is to load us and the guy digging snow out below the chairlift.


We hit a few warm up runs on the Eagle Express and the snow is amazing! The best part about Cypress is that it has so much varied terrain. It feels like a much bigger mountain since you can always find little areas with fresh sweet snow!

Mike T Going Deep with the new G3 Empire!!

Then Kim’s spots the Lions Express Chair on Mt. Strachan open and we scurry on over and get the 5th chair up! Hoots and Holler’s can be heard as everyone on the chairs knows what were in for! We are running the latest in G3 Gear, Kim and I are on Cake’s and Mike is on the big boy Empire!! They all are perfect for a pow day!

Kim among big ceadar trees!!! Sweet!

The trees between Humpty’s and Gibson’s and Lower Moon’s is where we find ourselves powder run after powder run, we just can’t get enough! The beauty of weekday shredding is that you always get fresh tracks and there are no lift lines!


Finally our early season legs let out and we head on in to the Crazy Raven for some Bevies and Burgers!

Delicious Food!!!

....and good times!!!

Get on up to Cypress Mountain with your family and friends and experience the awesome powder snow that Mother nature just keeps on Bringing!!!

Such a Great Place to Play!!!

Happy Holidays!!


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